Monday, August 1, 2011

A Week of Fun - Unintentional D-Camp?

Clearly, last week I was gone. I was at a scout service camp, where we help out a state park and do things like guide tourists, check tickets, raise and lower the flags, and do service projects. There's a lot of free time, so you can explore and go shopping and stuff.

Myself and about 60 other girl scouts go up for the week with about ten adults. The best part is - I'm not alone. We've got another girl with d. Last year we sort of just went about life as normal, knowing both of us had it, but this year we embraced it. We managed to explain d to a good number of the girls in our troop, and get one obsessed with it... She watched me change my site and was excited about it. :P
(What's really interesting is 2 pwds in 60 but no peanut allergies. Which was really nice.)

So, some fun little d-moments from a non-d camp:
We were cleaning and weren't allowed back into the barracks until it had been inspected. I'm sitting on a bench in front, and A comes by with her d-bag, dumps it on me, and pulls out glucose tabs. 'I'm 41.' 'That sucks, eat more than two of those!' 'I ate other stuff already.'

I had been mopping the dining room and felt a bit low. So I went to look for my food in the kitchen, and it was gone... They had taken the unofficial food coolers out to the trailer. So somebody went and found it for me, and I gulped down some fruit snacks.

After inspection, we went back upstairs to get ready for guide duty and such. A was still a bit low, so she asked someone to get her some crackers. I announced 'I've got fruit snacks!' and threw them across the room to A. It was epic.

At one point A was rather high, and it was entertaining when she quietly explained 'I'm high' - we're all teenagers, so the reference is instant. But I laughed and realized why she was eating some turkey instead of whatever crackers were the snack. Then we explained the whole thing and it went well.

Later my bg was 58. I was pretty angry, as we were going to eat lunch out and I wanted to pig out (I did anyway... resulting in a 400-something...). I angrily walked down to the kitchen, without closed toe shoes, and M (one of the girls in the kitchen) commented. I growled and said I was low. The chicken breasts were moved off the food cooler and I removed my whole box. Then I sat down and ate fruit snacks, some granola, and a granola bar. A asks, and I say 58.

They keep our insulin in the fridge, and we actually use the same kind (Humalog). A's bottle was just rolling around in the little cashbox they use for it, and mine was actually in the box... I enjoyed it and told A so.

We discussed bringing food/meters on guide duty and A actually does whereas I haven't.
We had the inevitable 'what pump do you have' moment and A is actually jealous of my Minimed; I'm jealous of her Ping. :P

So long story short, it was awesome to spend the week with somebody else who knows and is down with it. It made me happy and I'm psyched for next year. Also looking forward to maybe being a counselor at d-camp; A kind of convinced me.

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