About Me

Hi everybody... I'm Jackie. I've had type 1 diabetes since Dec 23, 2002, and yes, I spent Christmas in the hospital. I am now 17 and do all the stuff that 17 year olds do, including play ice hockey. I will be a senior (!) in the fall.

Right now, I've got a Minimed Paradigm 722 insulin pump and a DexCom Seven Plus CGM, which is the most epic thing in the world. I am looking forward to getting the Animas Vibe (early?) next year.

I've been a lurker in the DOC for some time now and decided it's time for me to actually do this... I like ellipses a lot. 

Random stuff I enjoy includes building papercraft models, playing the bari sax, Diet Mountain Dew, playing hockey (goalie!), Legos, and Dungeons & Dragons. I plan on getting a degree in Biomedical Engineering and hope to eventually get a job with Dexcom or Animas.