Thursday, July 25, 2013

I did a dumb thing; writing papers about diabetes

So last night (technically the night before last as it is now the 25th) I was low before bed. I ate some fruit snacks, ate more fruit snacks, then decided to suspend my pump to stave off the low.

I fell asleep and the alarm clearly did not wake me up... Nor did my DexCom (although I can't blame it, it fell on the floor). I woke up when my phone alarm went off, 6:15, and grabbed my Dex off the floor. It said HIGH. I said, it's just messed up because it fell off the bed, whatever. I went to the bathroom and decided to look at my pump (don't remember why). Lo and behold, it was suspended. The puzzle pieces fell into place and I gave myself 8 units then and there.

Went back to my room, tested, 398 or summat, added the extra correction on, continued to get ready to be a productive member of society, and drank a bunch of water. Crawled back into bed until 7:00 when I headed to work... We played ping-pong for half an hour, and sleep-deprived high [bg] me is not very good at that. Oddly enough I was asymptomatic until I realized what I'd done, and only then did I begin to feel like crap.

Breakfast was bad... Bacon, hash brown, grapes, donut. Diet mountain dew and a glass of water. 

Work = summer college fun awesome camp for high school students. I'm a residence counselor, like an RA for the students. It's pretty cool and I get to be a total geek about my favorite geeky things and people actually enjoy it. Also I stay up late sometimes and get paid for it, which is what I'm doing right now (no I'm not voluntarily writing a blog post at almost 1 am).

And I am writing this post instead of working on a paper I am supposed to be writing about stereotypes and diabetes. But now I will get on with it and go do that.