Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wordless Tuesday, or Not.

I don't know about you, but you can't bill Medicare anyway... I don't have it. Don't be THAT supplier. Oh wait, you already are.

Dumb supplier did send me my cartridges, but also 5 little zippy bags of 10 IV Prep wipes each (wtf?) and this crap envelope filled with more crap. I don't care right now, much less do I have the slightest idea what on earth this is about, as I've never seen it or heard of it before in my life and I've been through four or five suppliers.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Rant Time

So I need to order more cartridges. Not sets, not strips, just cartridges. My mom calls the new med supplier, because last month the insurance company told us we couldn't order straight from Animas anymore, and we needed to use this supplier. She called last month and set everything up so she could just call and order what I needed. [Note - this is the third time this year we've had to change suppliers, same insurance company though.]

Of course it can't be that simple. They ask for everything they asked for before and tell us they can't ship us the order, that we need the doctor's office to send something in, they need money from us (wtf? never had that before), and that they can't ship us test strips. We don't want freaking test strips [switched scrip to local pharm, getting them for $5 a month!], we know you can't give us them. Then she tells us she can ship us Insets. I don't want those either, I have a freaking ton of them. All I need are cartridges. The woman didn't know the difference between the two, because of course they also sell all the crap that medical suppliers do and they don't attempt to know what they're shipping to people.

Then they tell us they can only ship 4 boxes for a three month supply. 40 cartridges are not enough for me, as it's about 100u a day, and the cartridges are only 200u. Three months (90 days) should be 45 cartridges. I know you can't ship half a box, so ship me an extra box, dangit!

Add to the fact that the woman said they didn't have Opsite Flexifix tape when I'm almost positive they did. My mom even gave her the freaking item number! [I <3 Amazon, just bought some off there, although it was more expensive obviously.]

So I have no idea when I'll get my cartridges. I have about ten left I think, but I leave for college in ten days... Everything else is taken care of, getting my normal scrips filled on Monday so I'll go up north with 8 bottles of insulin for some inane reason. Bought about half my books, bookstore doesn't have the other ones for some reason. I went and got new glasses and they should be in next week so I can pick those up yay.