Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SCIENCE! Dex 7+ vs. G4

So I got my G4 finally, and had a couple of 7+ sensors left. I decided to conduct science and wear both of them and see if either was more accurate or any general conclusions I could make about the new G4 or the old 7+.

So I put them both on opposite sides of my stomach. The G4 was taller, but with the same footprint (more or less) as the 7+. I used an alcohol wipe to prep my skin and clean off the sensor before I put them in, and then stuck an IV3000 with a hole cut out over both. 
G4, says right on it. It's about half an inch tall, I think. Annoying because it seems like it's not snapped in all the way.

7+ sensor. Smaller and closer to the skin, I think better engineered overall.
 I know that the new G4 sensor is bigger because it has more of the "brains" in it, but it's annoying and I think that they could have left that stuff in the receiver and just redesigned it (make it square instead of annoying egg).
A couple hours after calibration, they're close enough together for government work. And the graphs are nearly identical, G4 has better labeling in terms of time though.

Look at that.
I would have taken more pictures but I lost interest in constantly comparing the graphs. Suffice to say they seem to be identical in technology, except that one is presented more appealingly.

7+ has a shorter battery life, probably because of the insane backlight and the length of time it stays on. The light goes out on the G4 faster, but not too fast to read and comprehend it. Both have really annoying LOW <55 alarms, but the G4 is more annoying. I kept them both solely on vibrate, and it seems like there's more of a pattern to the G4's vibrations than the 7+'s.

G4 has a microUSB port! Except there's a cheapo slidy bit to prevent dirt and stuff from getting in it that will be the first thing to break - they should have done a rubber cover thing like on most digital cameras.

In terms of sensor life, I actually had to rip them both out after 4 days because of itchiness and adhesive failure. The G4 gave me a 67 or something when actually my BG was 144 or so. 7+ was right, and I noticed that the adhesive was going on the G4 sensor - I think the wire was out. I took it off because it was really itchy anyway and then took out the 7+ an hour later.

I think that's more of a result of a) stomach is the worst place you could put them and b) I sleep on my stomach etc so a lot of rubbing etc to the sensors than it's sucky adhesive. I haven't yet done an arm G4 but I hope they will be similar to my experiences with the 7+ which is that they last nearly forever (until the sensor wire conks out).

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I did a dumb thing; writing papers about diabetes

So last night (technically the night before last as it is now the 25th) I was low before bed. I ate some fruit snacks, ate more fruit snacks, then decided to suspend my pump to stave off the low.

I fell asleep and the alarm clearly did not wake me up... Nor did my DexCom (although I can't blame it, it fell on the floor). I woke up when my phone alarm went off, 6:15, and grabbed my Dex off the floor. It said HIGH. I said, it's just messed up because it fell off the bed, whatever. I went to the bathroom and decided to look at my pump (don't remember why). Lo and behold, it was suspended. The puzzle pieces fell into place and I gave myself 8 units then and there.

Went back to my room, tested, 398 or summat, added the extra correction on, continued to get ready to be a productive member of society, and drank a bunch of water. Crawled back into bed until 7:00 when I headed to work... We played ping-pong for half an hour, and sleep-deprived high [bg] me is not very good at that. Oddly enough I was asymptomatic until I realized what I'd done, and only then did I begin to feel like crap.

Breakfast was bad... Bacon, hash brown, grapes, donut. Diet mountain dew and a glass of water. 

Work = summer college fun awesome camp for high school students. I'm a residence counselor, like an RA for the students. It's pretty cool and I get to be a total geek about my favorite geeky things and people actually enjoy it. Also I stay up late sometimes and get paid for it, which is what I'm doing right now (no I'm not voluntarily writing a blog post at almost 1 am).

And I am writing this post instead of working on a paper I am supposed to be writing about stereotypes and diabetes. But now I will get on with it and go do that.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Finals Week

Oh hi there. Not like I haven't posted in months, or anything, but I haven't. I've had this amazing thing called college to deal with. This coming week is finals week and then I'll be done for a couple of months before coming back up here to be an RA for the summer camps they have. I'm also taking a couple of classes so I won't be bored out of my mind.

Still waiting on the Vibe, although it's getting closer.

Endo appointment shortly after I get home; hopefully a1c will still be in the low 7s.  My cholesterol, on the other hand, will probably be awful...

Also I got my Gold Award finally, so I can now say I've earned the highest award in Girl Scouts, and my diabetes helped. :P

Bring on the summer!