Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Donating Blood

Yesterday I ventured into the realm of donating blood for the first time. It went well until the blood was out of my system... And I declare those who freak when they test your iron content complete wusses. I didn't know how it compared to a stab for your bg, but they're basically the same!

Anyway. I laid on the bench thing for a while after I was done, then I sat up at the request of the blood lady. She gave me some apple juice. I drank some of it, and then got lightheaded and was seeing spots and junk. So I laid back down and promptly became very nauseous.

The lady then force fed (drank?) me a whole bottle of water. After that and more laying down, I thought I was okay to go, and I sat up again. After sitting for like five minutes, I stood up, and walked to the canteen... The room in between the blood room and the canteen was the size of a small gym (it's the chapel or whatnot in the church) and was ridiculously cold. So on the way there I get cold sweats, and I'm just focusing on making it to the table. I get there, and it's coming... I threw up everything. And did not make it to a garbage can, so it was all over the table and me... Was not good.

Then I went home and my mom was freaking out about me, even though after throwing up, I felt fine. I took a shower and got all the disgusting stuff off [and got woozy again.]. My brother had a soccer game, and my mom had to work the concession stand, so my dad stayed home with me; I watched a bunch of Top Gear.

Now I'm perfectly fine, except for a bit of weakness in my right arm and a nice bruise. Working on replenishing all the stuff they took. Dunno quite yet if I'll go again anytime soon... I'm kind of scarred from that experience.

Here is some art of mine that is totally unrelated to my topic today. Please enjoy.

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