Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This has nothing to do with diabetes, but everything to do with brownies!

I am currently making brownies in a glass pie pan. There is an explaination for this. The typical pan we use for brownies is in the basement fridge chilling with some random tomatoes in it; some kind of salad thing using the ridiculous number of cherry tomatoes we grew. So I was looking for another similar pan, 9x9 or so. We have a metal one; it appears to be kind of rusty. I did not want to use it. I kind of wanted to use a loaf pan, but my mom said it would probably never get done in the middle; this made sense, so I chose a pie pan! Huzzah for brownies!

Our oven is also broken, yet I am making brownies in it. It is a GE Profile double oven; never buy any GE appliance if you're buying them [that's a subject for another post]. We've surmised that the keypad is the problem, we keep getting F7 errors. I did some final debugging/crapIcan'trememberthatotherword and yesterday we ordered the part. It's been bugging us for like a year now, and we've only just now bothered to figure out how to fix it; the appliance guys wouldn't even come out to look at it.

I need to remember to take a pic of my 'sculpture' for Diabetes Art Day!

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