Friday, August 26, 2011

It goes on...

Since Tuesday, I've not done much. I've got an epic bruise on my arm from donating blood but have otherwise recovered. I have a really nice looking site on my stomach; it was all inflamed yesterday but has shrunk.

I did drop in hockey yesterday for like two hours. Blood sugar did not change, which was exciting. It was 220 or so but it was constant! I am now sore and have realized that I am dreadfully out of shape.

Doctor Who marathon is on on BBC America. So I am watching that. It's totally awesome.

Monday I get my schedule for my senior year... I'm trying to not remember that it's senior year. Then I go for a manufacturing/CAD class/camp at a local place... Then school starts on the 6th (bleh.)

Random tidbit: In places where it says 'do not be here if you have a pacemaker/medical devices' - I've gone there and not had problems with Dex or the pump. So I don't see any particular issues unless it's crazy stuff. [normal factory floor type thing- I've gone around like four times with no issues.] If you care/are concerned about these, then now you know.

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