Thursday, August 18, 2011

Target: The Bane of PWDs Everywhere

Today we went out. To pretty much everywhere, and acquired such strange items as: three 2x4s, sports tape, giant boxes of fruit snacks, a watchband, Legos, and binders.

Yes. And on our travels, we visited Target. I was getting out of it anyway by then, even though it was only the third place we went. We were on our way to the toy aisle... "I need food." "Do you really?" "Yeah..."

Pulled out the Dex. 74 and holding. This explains why I freaked out about Penguins of Madagascar ice packs in the school supply aisle. :P Anyway, I ate some fruit snacks from my mom's purse and we realized we forgot the backpack with the meter and extra food..

My brother had a bunch of money to spend, because his birthday was last month and he hadn't gotten anything yet. So we get the Lego Heroica game he wanted [it is epic, and we haven't even played it yet!] and he picks up another set, the one with Darth Maul in it. I was totally loopy by then and was all jealous of his Darth Maul minifig.

Then we head to the video games section... He wants a DS case. They don't have it, but they have Rock Band 3 on clearance. I want it, but am saving my money for a goalie mask. I was freaking out about that and they start down the aisle but aren't going to leave me in this 'state' (under normal circumstances there'd be no problem :P). Then we got fruit snacks because I needed more, because we forgot them.

Off we went to the grocery store.. Oh wait, that was last. Before that, I tried to get a tub of gummi bears, and got a leather needle to fix my goalie glove. Then at the grocery store I went to find some cool pens (they're made out of recycled water bottles! so I won't lose them) and they left me.  I'm pretty sure I was still kind of low... Dex correlates.

My brain is still off yet, I had one of those things where after the low I just don't want to do anything or stuff [kind of like how I imagine people with migranes are?]. So I was all quiet and my mother was referring to me as her 'special needs child'... Yep, that's my life.

Off to fix my goalie glove and then measure my 2x4s for my goalie equip rack.

PS. I forgot the actual point of the title - class action lawsuit much?  PWDs vs. Target: they need to give us sugar when we go in there to shop. :P

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