Monday, August 22, 2011

These Don't Really Match...

On top of JDRF Kids' Walk materials, no less!
The beginning of what I'm going to call an attempt at figuring out bg meters. I've got Dex in my arm, and a OneTouch UltraLink... Going to test my other OneTouches eventually when I get bored and/or have an excessive amount of blood available.

Oh and the Dex is clearly a few minutes slow; but the MiniMed is already slow. So I'm living in a diabetes time warp :P It's 7 minutes slow from the computer...

But my UltraLink is an hour off! Didn't bother to change it last Daylight Savings Time or the time before that, so it's just messed up. Doesn't matter to me because I just load stuff off the pump, and the pump goes by its own time, thank goodness.

Speaking of blood, I am going to donate blood for the first time ever this afternoon.

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