Monday, August 29, 2011

Eye Doctor Visit

Today, after a manufacturing camp with pizza that I clearly did not bolus well for, I had my yearly ophthalmologist's appointment. I went in, sat, got looked at, got drops, they decided my prescription hadn't changed, they dilated my eyes, I sat there for a long time, the doctor got me, looked at my eyes and told me like he always does 'no signs of diabetic retinopathy' (which I apparently pronounce wrong whenever I read it in my head... random!).

But the lady who oringinally did all the drops and stuff asked me how my blood sugars had been. I sort of rambled about how that's a weird question, because it goes up and down all the time. I get that you ask the question, but it's still weird to answer. So I gave her what the Dex was saying, which was 217... See the pizza mention above. Then I gave my last A1c, which was 7.2 - almost three months ago, because I see the endo on Thursday.

Yep, so long story short, good eye exam. Yay. I enjoy them less than dentist visits because of the drops, but they're one of the better doctors I have seen/have to see. [I <3 the dentist because I have nice teeth that everyone likes and I only have one cavity *knocks on wood*]

See me on Thursday for results from the endo!

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