Friday, September 30, 2011

The Week in Review

This week has been busy! And randomly full of diabetes stuff.

Monday night, in lieu of weekly community band, I went to my JDRF chapter's mentor training meeting thing. There were about 30 of us there, and we took up all the chairs in the office. :P I met two adults who had been misdiagnosed with type 2; it's pretty surprising that it's that common. Besides that, there were a couple of 'twenty-somethings' (like 4?) and a couple other PWDs. Myself and a girl who was probably 8 were the only 'kids', but the parents of a couple of kids were also there and miscellaneous family members and such. It was nice to see some people who have done what I'm going to do [college *gasp*] and come out well.

Then there was school... Typical school, AP stats and ignorant teachers. Bleh. Dex has been high all day today, I think my site was dying, so I changed it... Still in the 300s.

Speaking of college, I was accepted to my second choice [if first choice doesn't give me enough scholarships] college, and they will give me $1500 a year just for showing up, and I can compete for their dean's award which is between 3-7k a year. Their total with room and board is like 20 (I think), and my first choice is 28k a year... I live really close to my second choice college, and could live at home and go for free pretty much with all the scholarship money I will probably get.

Thursday I went to a special 'diabetes technology' meeting and heard about the Revel and the Ping - decided for sure I'm getting the Ping, and will start with that process soon. I'm psyched about the 4th gen Dex, but not sure if I will upgrade to the Vibe when it comes out. I ate cookies too. There's a new purple MiniMed that I was jealous of. I didn't get to hear the OminPod guy because we had to leave...

TODAY WAS SENIOR TREAT DAY! There's a group of parents who put together a senior all nighter after graduation, and they also give us treats once a month, just for being seniors. Today it was apples and caramel, which I appreciated but I really wanted cake with a ridiculous amount of frosting. Maybe next time?

Homecoming decorating is coming up soon! I'm excited - pretty much the only thing I like about homecoming. We decorate the halls, each class gets one hall. We've won the past two years because my class is absolutely amazing. Our theme is TV channels, and we have Nickelodeon - the best one. (frosh - animal planet, soph - game show network, jun - A&E)

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