Friday, September 23, 2011

Stalker Post

 Wie geht's? Es ist Freitag!! Und am Freitag wir mussen tanzen. Tanzen!

If you know German you probably appreciated my silliness up there. If not, too bad so sad.
This post exists entirely so you may stalk me on many levels... Hmm, creepy.

Stalk me:
@jackiesgotd on Twitter
     This doesn't need explaining, I hope?
~hawkxs on DeviantART
     DA is a sort of art social network-y place. It's pretty cool. I only have a couple of d-related arts up, but if you enjoy fantasy, hockey, graphic design, Legos, and miscellaneous other things, you ought to take a look.
hawkxs on is a music listening/sharing site. I like it more than Pandora because a) add on for Firefox means no tab and automatic listening, and b) no ads and unlimited skipping. Plus you customize your stations to what you actually like, not what it thinks you might like. So stalk my whacked-out music tastes too!
hawkxs on flickr
     Oh hey! My flickr! With Legos and goalies! Nothing yet about diabetes, I've been meaning to do the D-365 thing for a while now...

Yep. And you can always e-mail me at jackiesdablog at gmail dot com.

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