Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Art

Art's affect on my blood sugar...

 A collection of pictures taken at the adventure that is ArtPrize; basically a whole bunch of art within walking distance of downtown. I inevitably went low and we spent about ten minutes sitting waiting for it to come back up.
Trying to take a picture at aforementioned blood sugar.

Not a velociraptor. The chicken dinosaur; actually shorter than me. Awesome angle courtesy of me.
Fabric-y thingy in a stairwell.

Laser levels are art!

Flowers in PVC pipe are art too!

I'm not insane, this lady is using painted cereal boxes for stuff too!

Looking up at one of my favorite pieces.. A 'waterfall' that spans three stories - totally awesome.

Perry the Platypus in disguise?

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