Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fog Sucks

I have to talk about the week in diabetes today, because tomorrow is no D day [too lazy to link to the blog... my bg is 68...]

It was pretty okay this week, until this morning. I woke up around 200 and it didn't go down. I didn't do anything [besides put in some correction boluses] until lunch [at 12:30] because I noticed it was then 330... So I bolused an obscene amount [for me], 15 units, because that's the max bolus [for a bg of 330 and 83g carb, it was 15.4u actually].

My site was in my side-butt, and had been kind of painful in the morning. I went to check it, and there was lovely blood and all that on it. Ran to my locker to get spare infusion set, Iv prep wipe, and meter. Put in new set. Went back to table. Hooked pump to the other set. Tested. 330. Punched in correction and lunch bolus, like 10.4 units [it threw out the sugar correction and I didn't even notice/care]. Bought powerade zero in lunch line, first time in 4 years I've actually bought stuff in the lunchroom; didn't have any $1 bills for the [all diet!] pop machine.

Was fine until after school, although I drank the powerade in like five minutes. At like 3:30, blood sugar starts dropping. I eat fruit snacks, and notice it's the last pack in my bag, and my locker's been out of fruit snacks for like a month now. I was talking to myself, as I do when I'm low, and other people asked about my d, so the story was told, with a great deal of pausing and forgetting what I was saying and being interrupted and such, because we were working on something special [you will find out on sat/sun].

Yep. And I'm still in a fog, 80 as I write this. Hopefully will be fixed soon.

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