Monday, December 5, 2011

What's New

I have issues writing stuff when there are other people around me. My mom is on the phone with our lovely medical supplier right now [I think], so I wasn't going to write a post but I haven't in a while so I did. /awfulrunonsentence

Our medical supplier got purchased by some other company recently [read a month or two ago] and they are ridiculously slow now. It takes at least two weeks to get a shipment of strips out, after we call and tell them to ship them. We ordered strips right after [the company] was purchased and they didn't get here for two and a half weeks - when I had like one vial left. Not happy.

They want to rip us/our insurance company off by putting us on auto shipment and sending us enough diabetes garbage to last a nuclear apocalypse. I don't need 800 IV3000 sticky things! I already have 300! Same with the IV prep wipes and the random accouterments that come with diabetes. All I need are my strips and infusion sets and cartridges. NO MORE LANCETS!

Next bit of randomness. I am getting a lime green Animas Ping! I dunno when or if it has been shipped, but I should be getting it soon. Which is good because the warranty on my Minimed is over as of today.

The ridiculous thing is that my insurance company would not pay for a new pump until 4 years had elapsed/my warranty was up/it was damaged. It's been damaged for some time, with some cracks and such in the cartridge thing and the battery cap thing; that was enough for them, I guess, but it's still stupid. They didn't buy me the last one I had [current minimed]; that was a different insurance company.

Nice thing is we don't have to pay the copay as Animas has a rebate program going on -  they will reimburse your copay up to $700 if you have a pump already, even if it's not Animas! So that was a happy day.

We also happened to win a Target gift card through a study we did [diabetes and adolescents and transferring care], which we found out about on the same day; was a good day.

We are dissecting cats in Anatomy and Physiology. Right now we're just doing muscles, but eventually we will get to organs and such, at which point I will find its pancreas and take a picture of myself with it.

We won our first hockey game of the season 5-3 on Saturday. I have slightly messed up my knee, which is disappointing, but I can deal with it.

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