Saturday, November 19, 2011

So many things, so little time

I have been meaning to write a blog post since I got back, but it's only just now happened.

Flying to Houston - no problem, didn't even tell them I had diabetes. Insulin and everything went through x-ray just fine, empty pockets so Dex went through with my carry-on. I walked through x-ray thingy and was the first one out in my group. Did fly out of my local smallish airport though.

In Houston - no problems. I ran high pretty much all the time, because I switched basal rates, until the last day when I decided to screw it. Changed pump a bit early twice because we spent all of the day away from the hotel and I didn't want to risk it. Ate a lot of carbs:
One of many giant cookies consumed

Potato=Carbs + large cookie + bacon! (on potato!)

Obscenely large pretzel.

The ever-present Diet Coke, which I couldn't get in any vending machines/at the convention despite Coke being a sponsor.
They had to empty the mini-bar for me [never mind the fact that we're three unaccompanied minors in the room] so I could put my insulin in there. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the price lists on the food in the minibar though... $3 for a Snickers. Dex didn't bother my roommates, only went off once or twice in the night. Only had to charge it once over the four day trip. Kept it on in the plane.

Trip back from Houston - We get in the line at the airport [Houston Hobby if you care] and I glance down towards security... Then I grimace. I ask my chaperon if those are the same things they had when we left; she agreed with me that they were not just x-rays. Full body scanners, fun. [insert witty comment about leaving me in Houston here] I get up to the line, throw my stuff through the x ray, and tell the guy I can't go through it because I have type 1 diabetes and an insulin pump. He tells me to stand in a sort of awkward place [I'm in front of the scanner thingy so people kind of think I'm in line...] and I wait for about five minutes for someone to come over to give me a pat-down. I get taken to the back of the security thing [wouldn't you want the potentially sketchy person away from the secure area?] and the lady does it - nobody was annoyed or uncourteous to me.

Was just kind of stupid that I couldn't go through the scanner and had to have a pat-down just because that's the only technology they let passengers through [employees can go through the metal detector.] Oh and also because I had more than 3 oz of unfrozen ice pack gels in my bag with my insulin and they said nothing about it. Seriously folks, please at least be consistent?

Besides my trip, I've got lots of hockey. Expect a nifty picture of my in mah gear soon, and probably not a whole lot of blog posts - three days a week hockey takes over my life now!

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