Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today is a day!

It is now about lunchtime as I write this, and since the Dex says 138, I think I'm just hungry and not low. Which is pretty good considering I messed with my basal (last week) and it's still not working right. I'm blaming the pump because it doesn't have Animas' really small basal change thingies... I want a Vibe so much, but they're not here yet. Yet being the key word, and also that I don't need a new one until December.

I now have a Twitter account, @jackiesgotd. I will do my best to share stuff and such with that, although I'm not much of a Twitter nerd, I like Facebook better.

In other news I am attempting an interesting project in my backyard - a forge. I'm not sure how well it will go or if it will even work, but if it doesn't we've then got a nice little oven for cooking stuff I guess.

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  1. But now you CAN be a Twitter nerd! :) Welcome to the world of blogging. And Tweeting. And other 'ing words that sound weird out loud.