Friday, July 15, 2011

One Thing

For all of you out there with diabetes, I've got a question. It's important. I will explain.

I am working on my Girl Scout Gold Award project. It's the highest award you can get in Girl Scouts and it looks nice and shiny. For it I am doing diabetes advocacy. I want to get everything we PWDs want everybody who knows nothing about diabetes to know. My goal is to end ignorance of d (pretty ambitious I know).

Anyway, my question to you is: What is/are your top 1/2/5 things that you want people with no connection to D to know/understand? If you had to pick one thing that the general public would know about your D, what would it be?

I'm going to make some powerpoints and such and put together some program things for different age groups and do some presentations and stuff (code for I haven't written all this down yet officially). Working with my school district and girl scouts and the JDRF chapter. Good stuff will happen.

Other random thoughts...
I am going to get around to recording a YCDO video sometime... I really like yogurt covered raisins... We're cleaning all the screens today (hence "Brother walks by with a screen door and says 'I've got a screen door!' ")...


  1. 1. There is no cure for diabetes
    2. Too much Sugar does not cause diabetes nor does soda/chocolate cake or any other foods.
    3. Exercise will not cure diabetes
    4. Diabetes is not contagious
    5. Yes I can still eat anything I want with diabetes.

  2. Hey, Jackie: just came came across your blog here, and am looking forward to reading more! I'd say the top things would be is the Media Awareness issue and making sure people understand the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Or as Ronnie commented above, that sugar doesn't cause Type 1 diabetes and we can reasonably eat what we want as long as we do our insulin for it. Thanks for this, and good luck with your Girl Scouts project!

  3. I've got my junior high daughter thinking about this: we'll post once she has a list. You two have a bit in common: besides D, sports and music. She's trying out for basketball this year and plays trombone.