Friday, July 27, 2012

Things that used to be

My wisdom teeth are gone. None of them had come out yet and they would have wrecked my nice orthodontia so we finally got them taken out this morning [I wanted to get it done before going to college].  I couldn't eat for nine hours before and didn't really eat until three or four hours after. My mouth kept bleeding until I just decided to stop the gauze at which point I guess it stopped.

Had some regular jello that I couldn't properly appreciate as my tongue was still mostly numb. Pudding for dinner and I'll probably have ice cream later today. Scrambled eggs are on the menu for breakfast.

We lowered the basal for the night and I went into the surgery with 212mg/dl. I was out completely for maybe an hour. After my bg was fine, still in the 200s but that's been fixed obviously. I've got Vicodin which is acetaminophen based, which is unfortunate for my DexCom  because it's giving me weird numbers.

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