Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Been Awhile.

Hey there again. I've got some things to share, namely a DexCom in pieces, pictures of a sketchy Ping, and a story of Animas customer service. Still playing hockey once a week and rocking goalie.

I'm getting my 6-month-old Ping replaced... New one is coming in the mail tomorrow. This is why:
in addition, I just pushed a button and the screen's not coming on....

It's been freaking out off and on for the past couple of months in terms of the screen; flickering, not coming on, and generally being sketchy. I do drop it a lot, but not any more than my Medtronic I had previously, and that made it through four years no sweat. The lady at Animas took a long time to figure out my problem, I don't know if it was my ineptness at describing the problem or if she just wanted to make sure I was being serious that a six month old pump was being sketchy. I was on hold for like ten minutes but spent like twenty just going over the one thing that was wrong with it. Anyway it's okay, even though she told me not to use this one until I get the new one (I have a couple old Animas pumps kicking around) I still am. I'm too lazy to reprogram an entire pump for 18 hours of use, when this one's still working minus the screen.

I finally called today because it did it for two hours (no screen) and I realized that it might happen sometime when I didn't have the meter-remote in easy reach, and then I'd be screwed. (Basically, the Dex went off, I needed to bolus, couldn't on pump, went and tested then corrected with the meter which is super nice.)

I guess the moral of the story is if you break a pump, break it all the way? Off to download my data one last time on this pump...

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  1. Great advice--BREAK IT ALL THE WAY. Also good advice for returning a Cuisinart to Williams-Sonoma.