Monday, February 13, 2012


What has taken over my life? Hmm....


I was sort of recently mentioned in the Griffins' game program as 'a child with an insulin pump' - and oddly enough, the first game I attended that had this program [they have about one a month] was the JDRF game! I freaked out and had to announce this to our chapter's CEO who was happy for me. :P I'm the only kid with diabetes who plays with the youth foundation.

I'm just wicked awesome. I can CAD like nobody's business. Not really. But for having just started threeish weeks ago, I'm pretty awesome. I can stand on my head [figuratively] in goal. I play a mean bari sax solo.

It's 7:15! Last week I wrote a paper for college writing. It was a personal narrative. I wrote mine about my diagnosis. Maybe someday you'll get to read it.

Thursday I stuck my hand in a pig heart. Friday I was on a bus for four and a half hours. Saturday I was on the ice for three hours and SAW CHRIS OSGOOD! I was less than a hundred feet from him. Sunday I made a three-dimensional perler bead thing - they're my new obsession. My birthday is in ten days, and I get to go to the hockey game the day after. And this weekend, my cousins are coming to watch one of my games and then we get to have cake afterward to celebrate.

I  like cake. And the wireless keyboard is having spasms again:

This is what happens when I try to type fast like I normally dd. Then it stopes freaking out and randomly ruuns to normal and then stops working again. I don'tlike lag.

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